KidsShoesTM Leveraged Swell's Customization Capabilities to Create the "KidDollars" Program 

KidsShoesTM is an innovative brand specializing in children's footwear. With precise design requirements in hand, they partnered with Swell to bring their program to life.


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Swell Integration

KidsShoes™, an emerging e-commerce brand, was built around an innovative iPad app which allows parents to size their childrens' feet. With a specific foot size in hand, parents can feel more assured purchasing online. When their Founder approached Swell pre-launch, she did so with a specific goal in mind: parents should be specifically incentivized to size their kids' feet.

Working closely together, we designed a program which not only rewards customers for social media interactions and referrals, but for three different types of foot sizings as well. Moreover, when parents are ready to redeem their KidDollars™, they do so directly at checkout. KidsShoes™ came to the Swell team with a specific vision in mind, and the two teams worked with an agency partner to turn that vision into a reality.


In a short period of time, the KidDollars™ program has grown nicely along with the rest of the brand. Hundreds of customers have earned points for sizing their childrens' feet, and thousands more have earned points for a variety of other activities.

More broadly, the KidsShoes™ example speaks to how critical incentive marketing can be to any e-commerce business' digital strategy; the KidDollars™ program is not merely a nice add-on for KidsShoes' customers, but an important reason that customers choose KidsShoes™ over other stores.


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"Swell's team puts them in another league compared to other companies I've worked with. They've collectively been thought partners, advisors, and confidantes as we built a tailored program for KidsShoes™. I couldn't recommend Swell more to anybody seriously considering an incentive marketing program."


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