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Acquire more high-value

customers for less.


Harness the power of referral marketing to expand your audience, lower acquisition costs, and earn new high-value customers.

A meticulously designed referral experience

We've managed and studied thousands of referral programs, allowing us to create finely-tuned, results-driven experiences for each client. From a variety of sharing options to optimizing referral clickthroughs for conversion, our programs are built with the versitality to complement businesses in every industry.

Swell's uniquely on-brand programs eliminate superflous steps, thereby driving interaction and tangible ROI.  

Complete access to detailed program analytics

Understand exactly how your program is performing at all times. Swell's extensive analytics dashboard is designed to show you everything you need to monitor and evaluate your referral program and see what works best. You'll always be able to export comprehensive reports including specifics down to individual orders for each of your referrers.

Attract higher LTV customers.png
Attract Higher-LTV Customers

Referred customers have a lifetime value that is 3x greater on average compared to customers acquired via paid spend avenues.

Boost High-Converting Traffic.png
Boost High-Converting Traffic

Many Swell merchants enjoy conversion rates north of 20% on traffic driven to their stores via the referral program.

Build equity in your brand.png
Build Equity In Your Brand

Earn the trust of your newest customers before they land on your site; 92% of shoppers trust recommendations they receive from individuals in their social circles.

Referrals on your terms.

Build a referral experience your customers will love.

Swell is built to handle programs for enterprise businesses in every industry. Our unique integration methodology allows brands to achieve a seamless integration which drives powerful ROI.

flexible reward structure.png
Flexible Reward Structure

With Swell, you have the ability to reward your customers however you see fit using limitless possibilities including points, products, and discounts.

Incentivize Repeat Purchases.png
Incentivize Repeat Purchases

Swell introduces the notion of stores value, allowing you to incentivize your high value referrers to continue adding value for your store.

Enterprise-level scalability
Enterprise-Level Scalability

Encourage your customers to make referrals through multiple channels, including intelligent popups, custom designed pages, and email campaigns.